Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager provides desktop, network, and enterprise-wide information backup, archive, storage management, and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring data availability, records retention and enterprise management, enabling customers to align storage management backup and disaster recovery policies with business practices.

Product Positioning

Tivoli Storage Manager enables users to confidently deploy, access, share and protect business information; it integrates unattended network backup and archive capabilities with storage management and powerful disaster recovery functions. Tivoli Storage Manager is intended for companies with heterogeneous platforms and complex environments that include both traditional Local Area Networks (LANs) as well as Storage Area Networks (SANs), who want a best-of-breed, scalable storage management solution that will consistently and reliably help protect and manage mission-critical data spread across their enterprise.

control the cost of distributed storage management

Tivoli Storage Manager is an industrial-strength storage management product for your enterprise that can protect the following backup-archive clients: Windows, NetWare, z/OS, Macintosh, as well as Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and many other UNIX variants. A Tivoli Storage Manager server is provided on Windows, z/OS, Linux and UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) variants.

This breadth of platform coverage affords customers the choice in selecting the storage management platform that suits existing skills and leverages existing hardware and software investments. Tivoli Storage Manager can help control the cost of distributed storage management by leveraging storage resources and helping to increase the productivity of storage administrators and end users.

There are several elements to the unique product positioning of Tivoli Storage Manager:

  • TSM combines both network and storage management to protect both mission-critical data and entire business applications to keep your business running.
  • TSM provides fast data recovery to prevent and reduce business disruption in the event of a disaster due to application or data corruption.
  • TSM's central point of management capabilities within a heterogeneous environment allows consistent policy control and consistent user interface, to lower cost in resources and training. This allows companies to spread knowledge to all employees for collaborative, effective, and timely decision making.
  • TSM's exploitation of LAN-free backup in a SAN environment enables tape library and drive sharing across Windows Win2000 servers. This reduces the number of tape libraries required and optimizes utilization of the tape libraries.