Professional Services for TSM

Tivoli Storage Manager is the flagship of our data storage service offering. Our certified consultants can work with you to understand your storage needs, projected growth rates, the retention requirements for that data and your current ability to recover the data.

ASM offers a full suite of TSM services to optimize your backup environment:

  1. Health Reviews
  2. Backup/Storage Assessments
  3. Implementations
  4. Remediation & Optimizations

Health Reviews

develop in-depth findings, analysis and recommendations

It is often the case the experienced TSM administrators struggle to cope with failed backup and recovery windows, lost backup data, tape system and tape drive issues, plus configuration and storage management issues.

ASM, which has been servicing and installing TSM environments throughout South Africa for the last 3 years, responded to customers and decided to help them do something to help them better manage and maintain TSM. The result is TSMPulz – an application designed to help businesses diagnose, repair and optimize their TSM environments quickly and cost-effectively.

During a TSM Health Review, ASM consultants visit your site, perform interviews with your technical personnel, and inspect the processes of your TSM servers. The consultants then analyze the data and develop in-depth findings, analysis and recommendations related to TSM’s operational environment.

Backup/Storage Assessments

develop a comprehensive roadmap of your current and projected backup/storage needs

For businesses interested in an in-depth analysis of their backup/storage infrastructure associated with TSM, ASM offers TSM Assessments. ASM consultants will develop a comprehensive roadmap of your current and projected backup/storage needs, as well as the best practices for implementing such an infrastructure.

To this end, ASM consultants will study your current backup servers, tape drives, tape libraries, storage Backup/Storage Assessment for TSM systems, and all other associated hardware and software. The consultants will also conduct extensive interviews with your technical staff and their management to understand the intricacies of your backup/storage environment.

Once this data has been gathered, ASM will develop recommendations for redesign, remediation or enhancements to your backup/storage architecture, policies and procedures. This information will be developed into a formal assessment report, and will include findings, analysis, recommendations and pricing information.

Implementations, Remediation & Optimizations

including storage pool redesign, schedule redesign, policy and procedure redesign

Based on the results of our TSM Health Reviews and Assessments, ASM offers implementation, remediation and optimization services performed under the direction of a project manager.

ASM’s TSM Implementation services include installation of TSM and all associated products within the TSM suite—including integration with your existing hardware. ASM can also migrate TSM and its associated components to new hardware or media. This may include server hardware migration, library hardware migration, and media migration. Our Implementation, Remediation and Optimization for TSM services also cover TSM version release or maintenance upgrades —including server and client upgrades— and Tivoli Data Protection product upgrades.

ASM’s TSM Optimization and Remediation services consist of activities that optimize the performance or configuration of TSM in support of certain recovery expectations, or remediation activities surrounding the TSM environment. These activities can include: storage pool redesign, schedule redesign, policy and procedure redesign, TSM client offsite recovery optimization, and TSM server offsite recovery optimization.